Renovation of an Old Wooden House

Nowadays, residents of the capital are increasingly fleeing from the smog and noise outside the city. And although the best option for this is building your own cottage, there is a good alternative – buying and renovating an old wooden house in the Moscow region. Already in itself, this is environmentally friendly housing, and high-quality repair of a wooden house allows you to make it durable, comfortable and stylish. Although this is a costly and troublesome undertaking, nevertheless, home renovation will cost less than buying one. Subsequently, the costs will pay off with interest. You may like to visit the Sablage plancher bois franc webpage to get the best wooden floor sanding services.

Repair of a wooden house

Any renovation starts with preparation. It is necessary to assess the degree of deterioration of the house, the scale of work, timing and costs. Conditionally, preparation for repair can be divided into several stages:

The house is freed from unnecessary things and rubbish.

The wooden parts of the building are examined by specialists for the presence of decay. If there is even the slightest sign of decay, they must be removed. In some cases, even whole logs need to be replaced. To do this, they are carefully removed from the structure of the house. In their place, new logs are installed. At the same time, they are protected with roofing material.

Cracks in the house are identified and repaired . If this is not done, then they can cause rotting. It is recommended to use an antiseptic when sealing.

The floor is examined . Rotten floors are common in old houses. It needs to be dismantled.

A detailed work plan and cost estimate are drawn up .

Repair stages

Renovation of an old wooden house is carried out in several stages :

  • Replacement or repair of the foundation ;
  • Roof repair ;
  • Replacement of communications ;
  • Installation of new doors and windows ;
  • Laying the floor ;
  • Outside wall decoration ;
  • Replacement of plumbing fixtures ;
  • Repair of premises .
  • Renovation of an old wooden house

Each stage needs to be thought out carefully so as not to make extra costs and not spoil what is already there.

Reconstruction of the foundation

The type of renovation is chosen depending on how old the wooden house is. In the event that the base has worn out in only a few places, it seems possible to repair it without building a new foundation. The base can be worn to such an extent that it will need to be replaced. For residential buildings, three types of foundations are used :

  • Concrete tape ;
  • Concrete slab monolithic ;
  • Pile-screw .

For residential buildings, a columnar foundation is not applicable.

Most often, the very process of replacing or repairing the foundation looks like this: the box of the house is lifted, the base is repaired or replaced, the building is returned to its place.

The foundation should be strengthened as the load on it will increase. A brick or reinforced concrete base should be strengthened with anchor rods. To strengthen the point foundation, you need to pour a special solution into the free space . Due to this, it will become monolithic. It will be more durable and reliable.