SBI PPF Calculator 2021

The PPF scheme is an good investment avenue for investors looking to get decent returns and enjoy tax benefits. SBI is one of India’s leading banks where investors can open a PPF account. Moreover, from how to use the SBI PPF calculator to find out how much returns you will earn when you invest in the PPF scheme.

This calculator is an easy-to-use, and also free online tool. There are 4 PPF calculation modes through various banks which they are enable investors to determine how much returns they will receive for specific contributions throughout 15 years.

What is SBI PPF Calculator?

The SBI Calculator PPF is a significant financial tool to help your plans to investment in PPF. The SBI PPF calculator will takes into account the monthly or annual investment and willing to make as well as the applicable interest rate whihc will calculates the interest paid to you over the deposit period of 15 years.

This calculator is useful in letting customers know exactly how much return they can earn on their investment if the interest rate does not change. By using the PPF calculator it gives the customers a general idea of how much investment is they needfor their expected to end gain. It will helps customers to plan their finances better.

  • Fixed monthly amount: This application mode can be used to calculate how much an investor earns when making monthly investments over 15 years.
  • Fixed yearly amount: It will be used to estimate an investor’s returns if annual deposits is made over 15 years.
  • Variable monthly amount: It is very useful for those making varying degrees of monthly deposits. Calculating in detail the monthly investments can obtain the maturity amount of the PPF account.
  • Variable yearly amount: If an investor makes annual deposits of varying amounts, this mode will be useful to calculate the maturity amount.


  • You will know your investment’s maturity date. You will also receive information about how much you will earn after this amount of time, so you can plan better if you have partial withdrawal in mind.
  • The interest rates of PPF vary from year to year. Therefore, for people who have invested earlier, they only need to select the starting year, and their maturity amount is calculated using the appropriate interest rate.

How to use the SBI PPF calculator?

Investors may choose to make partial withdrawals based on the results. The another benift to use SBI PPF Calculator is that by selecting the investment starting year in the tool, investors can find out the account’s maturity date. If an investor chooses to extend the PPF account after the 15-year lock-in period has been complete, the maturity duration will have to be selected on the calculator accordingly.

  • Select the calculation mode for PPF.
  • From the drop-down box, select the investment starting year.
  • The starting month of any given financial year will always be April.
  • From the drop-down box, select the maturity duration (15, 20, 25 or 30 years).
  • Enter the amount of the annual or monthly deposit in the box on the tool.
  • To get the result, click the’ Calculate’ button.