7 Ways to Power Your Home With Green Energy Options

Today, 420 million people live off-grid, opting for renewable energy options instead of relying on conventional energy. And the popularity of off-grid living is only expected to increase in the future.

This is great news for those looking for green energy options. There are now more ways than ever to power your home without destroying the environment (and your utilities budget).

Learn about seven ways to power your home using green and renewable energy.

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    Traditional Solar Panels

Solar panels have been around for years, making them a trustworthy green energy option that’s unlikely to go away any time soon.

Traditionally, basic solar panels are attached to the roof and provide electricity for your lights, devices, and appliances. Contact a solar panel and installation company like Raven solar company to install your own solar panels.

  1. Wind Power

Another reliable renewable energy option is wind power.

If you have space to install a wind turbine on your land, it can be a valuable asset to have. But keep in mind that turbines can be noisy, and some neighborhoods or areas may not allow them.

  1. Solar Air Conditioning and Heating

This may not seem much different from having traditional solar panels. But knowing that HVAC systems are responsible for using nearly half of a household’s energy, you’ll want to make sure your solar power is equipped to cover your AC too.

And for those who still use gas heating, consider switching to an electric heater powered by solar energy.

  1. Hydropower

This form of renewable energy is ideal for those who live near flowing water, such as a river.

The energy from the water flowing downhill can be directed to your home, where it can be used to power your electricity.

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  1. Renewable Electricity Supply

Many electric suppliers use fossil fuels to provide electricity to their customers. But other suppliers are turning to renewable energy to power the electricity running to your home.

If you’re not able to commit to your own solar, water, or wind power, consider choosing a company who can.

  1. Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps use already-existing heat to heat your home.

They do so by using heat from the air outside (even on cold days) and circulating it inside, either to warm your space or to provide heat for your water.

In this way, you can generate your own renewable heat, without relying on a traditional heater.

  1. Solar Water Heating

You’ve already learned how solar energy can power your appliances, HVAC system, and other electricity in your home. And your hot water can also benefit from renewable solar energy.

With solar water heating, typically the heat from the sun warms a reserve of water, without needing gas or electricity. Then, that hot water is pumped to your shower or kitchen sink, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional water heaters.

Green Energy Options for Every Home

With the variety of green energy options available today, there’s no excuse to not use renewable energy.

You don’t have to commit to going entirely off-grid or covering your whole roof in solar panels. But with these options, you can start dipping your toes in the (solar-heated) water of renewable energy.

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