How to sell a house quickly and profitably

There are many differences in the procedure for selling a house and an apartment. The main difference is the availability of a land plot with relevant documents. According to the Land Code, it is impossible to purchase a separate house without the plot on which it is built. In the contract of sale, the characteristics of the house and the plot are prescribed separately, if this condition is not met, then the contract is considered invalid. Real Estate Lawyer Brooklyn could be very beneficial for handling your legal issues related to the lease or sale of your house.


How to sell a house

There are two options for selling: on your own or through a real estate agency .

Self sale

When you sell real estate yourself, you will spend a lot of time placing ads, making phone calls and showing your home to potential buyers. But on the other hand, you have complete control over the situation and you yourself set the price and terms of sale.

  • Sale through a realtor
  • By contacting an agency, you will save time, but you will face a number of difficulties:
  • Agent commission.

Whether the realtor has experience is unknown. Realtors can take a commission from the buyer, thereby overestimating the value of the house, and postpone the sale “for later.”

The appraiser from the agency is interested in reducing the value of the home.

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What Affects the Cost and Timing of the Sale

The cost directly affects the timing of the sale of real estate: the higher it is, the longer the ad will hang on sites selling real estate. In order to sell a home quickly, it is important to indicate the real value.

Consider what needs to be considered when selling and calculating the cost.

Legal purity

A pre-prepared package of documents will shorten the time to prepare the house for sale. This will attract buyers.

Area of ​​Residence

You can raise the value of your home if it:

  • In an area with good infrastructure.
  • In a picturesque area with a beautiful view from the window (for example, on the river bank).

Technical condition of the house

Most would prefer to buy a house in good condition rather than a property that requires additional investment. Fresh renovations, the visual appeal of the house, technical equipment (heating, water supply and electricity) increase its cost.



The presence near public transport stops, kindergartens and playgrounds, schools, hospitals is important for any buyer.

Optimal cost calculation

You can calculate the value of a house in three ways:

Use the online calculator: enter the parameters of the housing and get an instant result.

Invite an appraiser.

Ask the price. View listings in your area and compare features.

How to prepare a house for sale

It is necessary to prepare for the sale of a house in advance and meet a number of conditions.

Preparation of documents

  • Required for sale:
  • Certificate of ownership of the house and land;
  • Passports of all owners;
  • Extract from the house book;
  • Technical certificate;
  • Consent to the sale of a spouse;
  • Certificate of absence of debts;
  • Extract from the usrn.

Land surveying

Land surveying is the definition of the boundaries of the territory on which the house is located.

According to the law, it is not necessary to carry out land surveying for personal use. But for the sale of a house, it is necessary to determine the boundaries of the plot. Ask for the data in the real estate registry, perhaps your site is already included in the cadastre. Then surveying is not required.