How to monitor your brand, campaigns, and influencers across social networks

It is no longer sufficient to respond online solely to @mentions on your brand. If that’s all you’re monitoring, you’re likely missing a number of messages that simply mention your company by a variant of your name or shout out a product. In addition, it is surely time-consuming to switch between so many programs to stay on top of everything. You need a social media management plan if you spend more time moving across social platforms and performing manual searches for online comments than responding with brand mentions.

Keeping tabs on your brand, campaigns, and influencers across all of your social media platforms a real pain? Do you seek a readership that takes part in your discussions?

There’s no need to watch the competition or put in extra work over the course of several weeks to determine what’s working and what isn’t. A robust social analytics platform, Other Perspectives compiles findings in an intuitive interface.

If you need to use a different point of view, try:

  • Increase your brand’s visibility on social media by studying the strategies employed by your rivals.
  • Prepare content plans – Keep an eye on the data to discover what your rivals are sharing on their channels.
  • Optimize results by learning the factors that contribute to a post’s virality and using that knowledge to increase interaction.
  • Completely detailed report-making Quickly and easily create and share reports with clients and superiors.
  • Conduct an in-depth examination of the competition by building custom KPI dashboards.
  • Social media page evaluation & benchmarking can aid in the development of an effective digital strategy.
  • An intuitive dashboard, complete with graphs and charts, can be set up in a matter of minutes.
  • Find out where you stand in relation to your competitors, how your associated properties stack up, and who the other influential accounts are across the most popular social media platforms.
  • Other Perspectives provides data analysis for the four most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (coming soon), and YouTube (coming soon).
  • Reports can be tailored to your needs by selecting a specific chart or observation and using your own text and branding.

You may evaluate the efficacy of your social media marketing activities and make informed choices with the help of our all-in-one analytics platform.

Their cutting-edge analytics will identify your target demographic. You’ll catch on to their likes, dislikes, and inclinations right quickly, and you may watch as they change over time.

A savvy social media monitoring plan can help you consolidate all consumer reviews and search terms into a single location, allowing you to focus on replying to key messages and creating a strategy focused on your observations. Your monitoring strategy should begin with a list of everything you wish to monitor and how you will respond to notifications.

Social monitoring is an integral component of any online customer service strategy. It can result in faster response times, the prevention of PR crises, and the recognition of brand evangelists. Responding to clients has been proven to increase customer brand loyalty.

Tracking brand mentions on social media and engaging with users who have questions or comments about your company is a key part of social media monitoring. It’s a fast response to any brand-related conversation, whether it’s a review, a query, or a complaint about a service.

Furthermore, social media monitoring is about more than just responding to comments or mentions on your postings. It includes untagged mentions of your brand in social media posts. You need to build up your social media monitoring tools in order to see these kinds of posts, as they won’t appear in your standard network notifications.

Contrast social media monitoring with social listening. Maintaining a watchful eye and acting properly is the essence of monitoring. However, when you listen to social media, you are looking at the big picture to see how your brand is being discussed and how the industry as a whole is evolving.

Find people who can help spread the word about your business and establish credibility.

Maintaining a vigilant lookout for recurrent offenders is another useful technique for enhancing social surveillance. Watch the never-ending feed for those who keep commenting or mentioning your brand, and respond accordingly.

You should think about making them inside of the influencer marketing strategy if they are always praising your products or services and have a sizable following.

Finding your most devoted followers is a breeze when you use a program that crunches the numbers for you.


Online brand references can be monitored through social media and a response can be made as needed. Your brand can stay ahead of any potentially damaging messages by monitoring them before they go viral. As a bonus, they aid in recognizing future opinion leaders and keeping up a strong brand image among consumers. Other Perspectives is a powerful social analytics software that presents findings in a user-friendly layout.

When deciding on a monitoring solution, it’s important that it provide coverage for all of the networks you’re now a part of, ideally in a single location. With fewer tabs and programs to switch between, you can give your whole attention to social customer service and get the most out of your marketing initiatives.