6 best Bigcommerce strategies to boost sales in 2022

BigCommerce has rapidly become among the top popular online platforms for online retailers. This powerful SaaS tool allows you to establish an online store, which allows the business owner to manage everything from designing the storefront to B2B segmentation and cross-channel marketing. Adding BigCommerce applications to your eCommerce store can help increase sales and improve your customer experience.

These apps are vital components of any BigCommerce store. If you can unlock all the potential that lies within this platform, you will be able to boost your company to the next step.

We began putting together a list of the most effective applications that we believed could assist you in managing marketing, store maintenance analytics, and customer service and easier.

This blog compiles an overview of the most popular 20 BigCommerce applications you can pick from to increase your eCommerce sales by 2022. Check it out!


6 Essential BigCommerce Apps

A well-balanced combination of BigCommerce applications can boost the online shop’s performance and the number of conversions. These apps are a fantastic option to start the enhancement of your

1. Omnisend


In the last 5 years, marketing professionals worldwide have recognized and highlighted the significance of email marketing for every eCommerce store. It is among the main tools used in marketing that is always on-trend. Omnisend is a powerful marketing tool that is essential to the effectiveness of any strategy for digital marketing.

This marketing tool sends promotions to your intended group, push or text notifications to strengthen connections with your customers to build a loyal client base, acknowledge transactions, and even save a minimum of 20% of purchases abandoned in shopping carts.

Engaging with existing customers is essential to ensure purchasing more products to increase your business sales. Omnisend offers you different email templates to personalize the emails before sending them out to your customers.

2. Privy


Privy currently serves more than 500,000 businesses worldwide and is estimated to generate $3.9 billion of sales. Most BigCommerce merchants strongly recommend integrating the application with their online stores.

The primary purpose of Privy is to improve interactions between shoppers and buyers, improve conversion rates, cut down on abandoned carts, expand your email list, and more.

The app provides entrepreneurs with the most vital tools, including automated A/B testing, email marketing integration, coupon code integration, real-time tracking, and analytics. Large and small-scale online stores boost sales thanks to their design.

In addition, you do not require any prior knowledge in coding to utilize this application. It is important to note that this application has both free and paid options that you can use to boost sales.

3. Shogun Page Builder

Shogun Page Builder

Each online store needs an outstanding website that is top-quality in design and user experience. Shogun Page Builder allows you to personalize your site using the drag and drop feature. Creating appealing pages for your blog, product web pages, landing pages, home pages, and more is easy.

Additionally, you can use A/B testing to discover the best themes and designs for you and your BigCommerce store.

Shogun also comes with an integrated visual analytics tool to assist you in tracking the bounce rate of sales, add-to-cart rates, and form submissions. A visually appealing shop with an intuitive user experience can dramatically increase conversion rates.

Shogun is a web-building application, but it can be used in conjunction with various marketing instruments and enhances your conversion process. This has made the app popular with BigCommerce merchants.

4. Wishlist Plus by Swym

Wishlist Plus by Swym

In reality, only a tiny fraction of customers buy something during their first trip to a store they have never visited before.

Many factors play into this. One effective way to ensure your customers buy from your shop on their next visit can be to make them aware of their previously loved and searched items in your store. Give your customers the option of a wishlist where you can store their most-loved items.

Wishlist Plus by Swym is an innovative marketing tool that allows customers to track their most loved products by bookmarking the items. This means that the next time they go to your store, they’ll be able to quickly navigate to these items and go on to purchase the items.

Statistics show that sites that use Wishlist Plus by Swym see the benefit of a 20-30 percent increase in conversion rates, and the customers tend to buy an additional 50% on their purchases.

5. S Loyalty

S Loyalty

Every business must have a loyal customer base because it will help promote your company and boost sales. Your loyal customers will talk about your store’s online presence to their families and friends, encouraging them to purchase from your site.

The word-of-mouth marketing strategy is the most affordable and efficient method of advertising that is found that is available in the books.

eCommerce companies typically invest a lot of time and money in improving relationships with their loyal customers and managing them. S Loyalty is a consumer loyalty management software that helps manage customer bases and boosts sales for a much lower price.

It assists BigCommerce businesses in managing their loyalty programs to delight loyal customers and provide them with customized incentives or coupons that motivate them to purchase more on your site.

6. Marcello


It’s one of the top BigCommerce apps used to do pertinent marketing. In essence, it’s an omnichannel marketing app that uses crucial data and expert expertise and is automated for specific retention marketing.

It uses SMS marketing, email marketing notifications, and automated data, in addition to loyalty program programs, to run highly-effective segmented marketing campaigns. The years of research in marketing have proven that targeted or focused campaigns have more ROI.

Marcello converts potential customers into buyers and your current customers to loyal customers with its marketing tools that ensure that you will continue to purchase from them shortly. Furthermore, you can customize your messages and emails to your customers for a more relevant engagement and retention.

Many eCommerce companies have experienced dramatic increases in sales because of Marcello’s outstanding marketing tools.


In conclusion, the contents of this blog focus on one of the most important factors to keep in mind while selecting an application to run your BigCommerce store. Your application should be based on the customers’ needs and your business’s requirements. Every eCommerce store has its requirements that one app is unable to meet.

Check out your options in the BigCommerce app store to find additional apps that can help your needs. The software we have discussed in this article has proven to be effective in the growth of eCommerce sales for businesses. We suggest doing careful research before signing up for any application to your BigCommerce store.