Blooket – Online Tool for Teaching & Learning

Thanks to the technology that we have in our hands constantly, it is safe to say that we turn to it no matter what we are doing during our day. Whether it is cooking, driving, or simply having a question that we need an answer to asap, we take out our phones and simply get any information that we needed.

So, just like with our everyday tasks, technology has a strong impact on education as well. That has become a lot stronger since the pandemic, but it made people see how important and beneficial using technology in education is.

People have come up with tons of new ways to present new ways of learning to their students and present them with their curriculum in the best and most amusing ways. Tons of new apps have emerged, and in today’s article, we would like to present you with a really cool one.


Blooket is a nice little teaching gem

Its name is Blooket. It is a tool that presents a really cool way of learning. It works in a way that teachers create their own „tests“. They present the question to their students, and students answer through their phones. Each correct answer brings students points, and by collecting them they are able to buy Blooks. they are small avatars that you can use as your profile picture and change regularly. These are super fun because children can pick out their favorite cartoon characters, movie characters, or game characters.


Blooket games

When it comes to questions that are used in Blooket, there are some premade ones. But, of course, teachers can write the questions themselves, based on the subject they are teaching. So, no matter the subject, you are able to make your own questions for your students thanks to Blooket.

The whole point of this tool is the engagement it creates when it comes to the students. It is a game where children learn much faster and put in the effort to beat other classmates. Collecting points encourages them to be better, and the information relevant to the subject is remembered super easily.

Blooket question

The tool is super easy to use, for both the students and the teachers. The teachers can make their own questions by simply typing them in, and making them visible to their students. Once they make their questions and type in the correct answer, they can choose if they’d like the questions to shuffle or go in the order that they are made. You can select the time duration in which the students can give their answers, and it can be different based on the difficulty of the question.

There are a few different game mods that you can choose. Each has a different user interface, and you can switch them up from time to time. Once you click on the game mode, you can customize some of the settings, and also set a time frame in which the game will be visible to the students. So, for example, if the due date is by Friday, the game will be possible to play only by Friday.

Once you create your game, the last thing that is left is sharing it. You will be given a link that you can share with their students, and once they click it, they will be presented with the game straight away. You can track the analytics, like how many students have played it, the percentage of how well they did, and also what questions have proven to be a bit harder than the others.


Blooket is a super fun way of learning. Giving it a try is definitely worth it, and we think that this type of learning is definitely better than the typical learning using only books. Technology will keep on growing, and we should take full advantage of it. And since our children’s education is super important, we want to give them the best possible conditions.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and that we have intrigued you enough to give Blooket a try.