In the first place, to get to know the benefits of hiring a lawyer, we must know a little more about this profession, its definition and its main characteristics, issues that are sometimes unknown or not clear in our society. If you are planning to hire a personal company attorney for your company, you may like to check out Edmonton corporate lawyers.


What is a lawyer?

According to the RAE, a lawyer is “A lawyer who professionally offers legal advice and defends the parties in judicial or administrative proceedings.”

Therefore, they are intrinsic and mandatory characteristics of the lawyer :

– Degree in Law.

– Professional dedication.

– Offer legal advice.

– Exercise defense in judicial and / or administrative proceedings.

Or put another way:

– They are trained in law.

– They receive fees for their services.

– They offer legal advice.

– They have experience in legal proceedings.

Therefore, it is correct to say that every sentence is born from the idea and approach that a lawyer or team of lawyers develop in their office and decide to file in the court in defense of the rights of a specific client .

Benefits of a Personal Business Lawyer

1. They offer advice based on experience in court proceedings.

It must be said that this is one of the foundations of the exceptional value of the c ouncil of a lawyer.

The justice was defined by Ulpiano in ancient Rome as: “Justice is the constant and perpetual will to give (grant) to each one his right” , being the highest expression of the Judiciary understood as a fundamental power of the rule of law.

Therefore, the advice of a lawyer brings together the material legal knowledge of the law and jurisprudence, with the transversal capacity based on the experience offered by the intervention in procedures where the maximum responsibility is in our society.

2. You can save a lot of money.

– I told you that you had to be rigorous with the signing of contracts , that simple e-mails are not useful,   now to judicially claim this money that you have not been paid we do not have the contract validly signed.

– If a separation of assets had been made , the family home could have been saved from the seizure .

– If you had not abandoned the family home, you could now request custody of your children in the divorce proceedings.

It is clear that a cardiovascular surgeon would love to intervene in a complex heart disease, but surely he would more like to see fewer people get sick through prevention.

3. Security and tranquility in your decisions.

In relation to the assumptions discussed in the previous point, it is evident that frequently comparing decisions with a lawyer will guide you to make better decisions fundamentally in the business or economic activity level , in the patrimonial level, and in the personal level.

In this sense, at the business level, for example, it is very safe to have a well-studied and defined contracting system so that, in the event of non-payment, the appropriate actions can be taken with guarantees.