How to Create an Efficient Roadmap in 2022

The world has changed quite a bit since the year 2020. In 2020, the global economy was booming, and virtually everything was being digitized. We have new companies, cities, and states and a whole new world view of how our societies are changing.

All of which means that it’s nearly impossible to plan decades with any accuracy or plausibility. However, there are things you can do now to ensure your organization’s future success by creating effective road maps for your map in 2022.

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What Is a Roadmap?

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A roadmap is a graphical representation of an organization’s plan for the next one or two years. It includes strategy, timelines, resources, and tasks. A roadmap can also be called an “executive summary”. The simplest way to think about a roadmap is as a document that describes what will change in the next one or two years.

How to Build a Roadmap?

Double-check That You’re Using the Correct Roadmap Tool

The first thing to think about is how you want to build your roadmap. Several tools are available, and some are better than others, depending on your situation. Online tools such as Roadmunk or Trello are good when you need to create a rough prototype.

Recognize That No One Plan Works for Everyone

A roadmap is a plan for your organization, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. Each organization has different needs depending on its industry, size, and geographic location.

Whether your company is just starting or is planning to expand globally, you may need to develop a roadmap that supports the long-term goals of many different areas.

Create or Use an Organizational Master Plan Document

If you’re creating a new roadmap, you’ll want to include it in your planning doc so that everyone who needs to see it can read it along with all of the other important materials in that doc file. Make sure you think about what needs to be in this roadmap and ensure it’s easy to use.

Make Sure You’re Using the Right Timeline Tool

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This area can cause some confusion if you’re not careful! We will talk about two different timelines: relative time (time since an event occurred) and absolute time (a specific point in time).

A relative timeline is a graphical representation of how the organization will be at a specific time in the future compared to how it is today. The “today” portion of the timeline is your baseline. The smaller events on the timeline can represent milestones or events since this baseline date.

Make Sure Everyone Has a Chance to Review It

Everyone who needs updates on your plan must have an opportunity to review it, discuss it, and possibly influence it before building your roadmap or even before planning what roadmaps will follow.

Is It Legal to Use a Roadmap in Our Company?

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As per my lawyer’s advice, it is legal to use “Roadmap” in your company. This is an open license, and many companies have used it. Just make sure to use the copyrighted brands and trademarks correctly as per the law of your country.

Suppose you use a copyrighted open license brand or trademark in your company. In that case, you can use it anywhere globally without permission from the owner of that particular brand or trademark as per open license terms. 


Can I include a roadmap in an email and send it to the whole company?

If the email is sent directly to the people who need to read it, if you forward an email from your boss (for example) to the rest of your team, HIPAA rules are violated. If you send a roadmap document as an attachment via email, that’s fine.

Is it OK to use “Roadmap” in product names?

No. The trademarked name must always be spelled out and include capitalization.

What are some good examples of using dynamic content in a roadmap?

If you want to include information about your sales pipeline, you could include sales pipeline data in your roadmap template.

Can I use the Roadmap style template on our website?

Yes, you can use the template anywhere on your website as long as you stick to the same copyright rules and trademark restrictions that Adobe has set out in their license agreement. Some good examples include articles in blogs, company descriptions, company pages, and so on, but since it is an open license, we can’t give any examples here.

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