How to Do Remote Surveillance on Android and iOS Smartphones?

Having a smartphone is both a boon and bane. Boon, because it is a means of communication that you can carry along with you and stay connected with the rest of the world. Bane, because it opens the world of cyber world hazards!

Because of the smartphone, you can be a victim of cyberbullying, harassment, online frauds, and authorized access to your crucial information. The outcome of all these hassles is so scary that they overshadow the benefits of having a smartphone.

So, it is crucial to do remote surveillance on smartphones of your loved ones, especially when it is in the hands of minors. But, it seems next to impossible when the targeted phone is password protected or never leaves the side of its owner.

Well, we have a solution to this issue. This post is going to cover that solution extensively.


Spyic – Risk-free and Reliable Smartphone Monitoring Is Now Possible

Built with best-of-breed technology, Spyic has made remote phone monitoring possible. 

Whether you need to spy on an Android phone or an iOS phone, it helps with the same ease and perfection. Because of this, Spyic has managed to earn an impeccable name and fame in the remote smartphone monitoring industry.   

In 190 countries, it has already grown a customer base of over a million users. The out of the box performance has forced many leading media outlets to praise it and recommend it. Some of the few names are PCMag, CNET, and Forbes. 


Here are some crucial things that you must about this amazing location tracking tool, Spyic: 

Spyic works without possessing any risks

Remote phone monitoring, when done using a solution that takes the help of jailbreak or rooting, is going to be very risky as the use of these activities can invite tons of hassles. 

For instance, the targeted phone can be damaged beyond repair and it becomes easily available for many cyber vulnerabilities.

All of this happens because rooting/jailbreak involves tempering the very risky OS. Spyic works with this process. Hence, it is very safe to use.

Spyic keeps its operations secretive

Spyic comes with an in-built stealth mode and remote dashboard. Because of these two features, keeping its operations a secret affair is easy. 

Stealth mode hides the presence of Spyic on the targeted device completely. So, the targeted person will have no idea that its activities are being monitored.

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It demands no special tools

Spyic is so self-sufficient that it doesn’t need any special tool or technology to help you out. 

Any regular data-driven device and browser are good enough to get started. The set-up process is not easy for any novice to taste success. To help you out, there are free live demos as well.

How Spyic Makes Remote Surveillance Possible?

Now, this is something that you must be eager to know. Spyic offers separate remote phone monitoring solutions for both the platforms i.e. iOS and Android. One has to activate these tools by purchasing the corresponding subscription.

Once all of this is done, you need to bring the Spyic into action. 

For iOS, Spyic for iOS is available that demands no download and set-up. It is a web-based solution that syncs with the iCloud of the targeted phone and fetches details from there. So, you’ll be able to keep track of every activity done by the target.


In the case of Androids monitoring, there is Spyic for Android solution present. This is an app with a top-notch configuration. 

Its compact size and stealth mode make it unnoticeable on the targeted device. The app records the activities happening on the targeted phone and keeps you posted.


In both cases, all the activity logs are shared on the Spyic dashboard that you can access using any of the data-driven devices and browsersc. There are different sections for all phone activities.


For instance, there is location tracking, SMS spy, Camera Spy, Social Media Spy, and on so. Whichever activity you want to keep on your radar, click on it and Spyic will bring details to you.

The best part is that you don’t need to stay around your target or access the phone to find out all these details. Even if your target is far away, spying is possible. This is how Spyic works.  


Can You Bank Upon It?

Of course, you can. Spyic is not any run-of-the-mill product and it must be clear to you by now. But, there is one more thing that you must know about it. It can capture the data in real-time. It captures the activities whenever they are taking place.

Have doubts about this? Refer to the timestamps that are attached with every data. These timestamps will give you a clear picture of the clarity of its accuracy. 

Spyic also kept the involvement of any third person when data delivery is concerned. The data is delivered directly on the dashboard. In short, you will access data that is accurate and reliable. Hence, you can bank upon it easily.

Do I Need To Spend a Lot On It?

No. This is the biggest misconception about Spyic. People think that the way it has simplified the process of remote phone monitoring, we all tend to think that it is going to be costly. But, the reality is different. 

In less than $10 per month, you’re going to keep track of around 35 types of phone activities. This is the cost for one device. If you go by it’s a corporate package then you can keep tabs on around 25 devices in one go. 

The more devices you choose to keep an eye on, the cost-effective will be the deal. So, don’t have a wrong notion. Spyic is in everyone’s reach!

Before we bid adieu

Remote smartphone monitoring is no longer a tedious job. It has simplified up to an extent that anyone, even a novice can accomplish it effortlessly. So, don’t hold yourself back and figure out how wisely your near and dear ones are using their smartphone. If there is any danger, spot it in the early phase and keep them safe.