How to Fix Subtitles Not Working on 9anime?

For anime enthusiasts who rely on 9anime, the absence of subtitles, also known as Closed Captions (CC), can be a baffling frustration.

This article delves into the possible reasons behind the issue of “9anime not showing CC” and provides actionable solutions to ensure you don’t miss out on the rich storytelling that subtitles bring.


Common Causes of CC Absence on 9anime

9anime, a popular platform for streaming anime content, holds a treasure trove of captivating series and movies. However, a significant number of users have reported an issue where subtitles fail to make an appearance. The absence of CC can be particularly distressing, hindering the understanding of non-native languages and accessibility for the hearing impaired.

Several factors might contribute to the “9anime not showing CC” problem:

  1. Video Source Issue: Sometimes, the source of the video might not have embedded subtitles, leading to their absence.
  2. Player Configuration: The video player’s settings, either on 9anime’s end or your device’s, might be affecting subtitle visibility.
  3. Browser Compatibility: Compatibility issues between certain browsers and 9anime’s platform can lead to CC not appearing.
  4. Cache and Cookies: Accumulated cache and cookies in your browser might interfere with subtitle loading.

How to Fix ‘9anime Subtitles Not Working’ Issue?

if youa re facing subtitles not showing on 9anime than you have to follow below steps 1 by 1:

1. Check Video Source

Before start on troubleshooting, ensure that the video you’re watching contains embedded subtitles. If not, consider shifting to an alternative video source.

2. Player Settings

Dive into the settings of the video player. Confirm that subtitles and captions are not only available but also enabled for your chosen video.

3. Browser Compatibility

If you’re encountering subtitle issues on a specific browser, try accessing 9anime from a different one. This might help identify if the problem is browser-related.

4. Clear Cache and Cookies

Start with a clean slate by clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. Once done, refresh the page to ascertain if subtitles reappear.

5. Try Another Episode or Series

Occasionally, the subtitle glitch might be specific to a particular episode or series. Experiment with different content to determine if the issue persists.

6. Use Different Devices

Utilize different devices to watch the same anime. If subtitles manifest on one but not the other, you can pinpoint whether the problem is isolated to a particular device.


While the frustration of “9anime not showing CC” can dampen the anime-watching experience, understanding the potential triggers and implementing the suggested solutions can bring subtitles back into your viewing pleasure. Whether it’s the subtleties of language or accessibility needs, subtitles play a vital role in appreciating the world of anime.