How to decorate your garden?

What kind of garden you own? Is it a lavish French-style garden, or a slightly neglected but cozy, laid-back country style? Or maybe you want to see oriental motives or make the landscape as natural as possible, as is fashionable in eco-design now? Whatever you choose, for sure, you want something original, not the same as that of your neighbors or acquaintances. After all, a garden is a reflection of your soul, and how it will be depends only on you. Artificial turf Perth can also make your garden floor very attractive and maintenance free.


Decorating Your Backyard

Decorating the backyard is not an easy task, although it is very interesting. If you’re a creative person, the process is fun. To begin with, delimit the free area into zones: for recreation, for flower beds and a lawn, a pond (if it is planned). After that, already decide what exactly will be located in each, and choose design elements. Forget about the banal “decorations” from available tools such as bricks, old tires and snags. Now you won’t surprise anyone. For gardeners, many original solutions and accessories for decorating the garden have been invented, which you can buy or make yourself. Let’s talk about what is needed for each zone on the site.

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Flower bed decoration

Bollard for flower bedsThe flower garden is the brightest spot in the garden. It is full of rich colors, attracting attention and pleasing the eye. You can emphasize it even more by highlighting it against the background of juicy greenery. For this, the borders of the flower beds are framed, giving them a special shape – round, oval, square, triangular. They use both improvised materials, for example, stones or logs, and specially designed fences… They are made of plastic or polypropylene, so over time they do not dry out and do not lose their original appearance, even when exposed to moisture and sunlight. They are made in the form of fences of different heights – from 90 to 300 mm, so they can border small flower beds and flower beds with tall plants. Choose the color of the fence so that it matches the color of the facade of the house or, on the contrary, contrasts with it. The most common colors are white, brown, green, black.

By the type of installation, there are two types of fences for flower beds:

Collapsible – sold as separate elements, usually 2 – 3 pieces with a length of 400 – 600 mm are included in the set. You can install them at your discretion, simply by fastening them together. For the winter, the structure is easily disassembled;

Non – Collapsible – flexible long curbs that are sold rolled up. They are placed around the perimeter of large flower beds and beds. The length of one curb reaches 9 – 10 m.

Garden Arch

If you like climbing plants, you can install an arch that they will braid. Today, metal frames are sold for this, which have a lot of positive properties. Firstly, they are stable and securely fastened in the ground, secondly, they have crossbeams to which plants will cling, and thirdly, their polymer or enamel coating protects the metal from corrosion and retains its aesthetic appearance for many years. The arch will not only transform the overall look of your garden, but also serve as a reliable support for climbing plants: roses, clematis, grapes, honeysuckle or ivy. By wrapping around the metal frame, the plants will not interfere with other flowers planted nearby.