How to add biometric passwordless authentication to any web app

One of the best defenses against password theft and hacking is the use of password managers or adding biometric passwordless authentication. Many industries, including border control and law enforcement, employ biometrics extensively. Both fingerprint and facial recognition are ubiquitous on many smartphones. The most common physical characteristic used in biometric passwordless authentication is a fingerprint.

It allows us to access files, computers, and other devices by using features of our physical selves. By employing biometric authentication, you can almost eliminate the possibility of someone else gaining access to your device and data because it cannot be cracked like a password. They do this by supporting a variety of biometric devices, including standalone readers, security keys, and cell phones.


You may allow users to sign in to your website using their Face ID or Fingerprint using the OnzAuth passwordless solution. This is an innovative technology that makes this tool stand out from the other ones. The best thing is that in just a few lines of code, they can accomplish that. OAuth is constructed using W3C WebAuthn and oAuth 2.0 standards and current browser specifications.

This tool’s incredible ability to be integrated with existing systems is what makes it so great for anyone who uses it. You are free to use whatever framework and programming language you like. Make biometric or Magic Link your primary sign-in method or MFA, this tool gives you the complete freedom to choose. Due to the privacy being built-in, you don’t need to worry about any private information leaking and causing any unnecessary trouble. Passwords or biometric data won’t be stored by them. Because the biometric data is stored on your device, you have total control.

Biometric Authentication

A password manager’s mobility is one of its crucial benefits. Whether it’s a PC or a smartphone, you may use a variety of devices to access your password manager. All you want is a reliable internet connection and a good web browser. You only need to make an effort to keep in mind the password for the password manager. When a user registers for OnzAuth’s passwordless authentication, public and private key pair are generated.

While the private key, which is kept on the user’s device, secures storage along with the biometric data and completes the verification process, the public key, which is kept on OnzAuth’s server, identifies the user similarly to a username.

You can purchase this tool for $49. It is a one-time purchase which means that you will not need to pay for it monthly or yearly. Unlimited users in comparison to the premium tier, no overage fees, and future enterprise tier for a flat amount. Only a few tools provide Magic Link Passwordless Login, including this one. Login using a biometric method (WebAuthN – FaceID, PIN, Swipe, and FIDO2 Devices). You’re given access to User Activity Logs.


Email customization is possible (Color, Logo, Text). Additionally, there are components such as Whitelist/Blacklist. You can also use everything for upcoming feature releases such as User Exports, Custom claims, advanced auth flows, analytics, etc.

Both personally and professionally, people utilize password managers and biometric passwordless authentication. OnzAuth is one of the best on the market. They are specifically utilized within the company to allow staff members to safely communicate passwords with one another. It is difficult for a cyber attacker to recreate a fingerprint or other physical characteristic when utilizing a biometric solution.

Many systems have failsafe measures in place that detect many failed login attempts. That’s how they stop access before any harm can be done. According to the security techniques employed biometric solutions intrinsically are more secure because they do not use pin codes, like passwords, that can be stolen.