What Is The Difference Between Desire Riviera Maya & Pearl?

Desire Hotel Riviera Maya and Spa is nestled on the beach of Puerto Plata in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It is a lovely hotel with a beautiful view of the ocean and beautiful beaches. You will find several resorts that are located right on the beach. These hotels offer excellent amenities such as beachfront or pool areas, laundry facilities, and delicious restaurants. Desire Hotel Riviera Maya and Spa is committed to providing you with the best guest services and the most romantic atmosphere.


Beach & Ocean Views

So, what is the difference between Desire Riviera Maya & Pearl? There isn’t any real difference. Both of these fabulous hotels provide you with exquisite surroundings. The beach and ocean views combined with the charming decor make them two of the most romantic and popular hotels in Santo Domingo. Both of these luxurious resorts offer many positive things to do, and guests can choose to spend a few days at one of the several fine restaurants.

Desire Hotel Riviera Maya and Spa offers a beautiful swimming pool that is both relaxing and beautiful. You will also find a gorgeous tropical-themed swimming pool. This pool is one of the best attractions of this resort. It is surrounded by lush, green trees and features an underwater fountain.

Desire Ocean Adventure Park

Another attraction is the Desire Ocean Adventure Park. This wonderful attraction allows you to scuba dive, snorkel, and visit the beautiful sunken ship. This attraction also includes a restaurant where you can enjoy some authentic, Caribbean cuisine while experiencing the beautiful beaches of this beach. The place is filled with tourists, which accounts for the fact that it’s one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

What’s not to love about this beach? For starters, it is one of the best-located beaches in Riviera Nayarit. It means that it is close enough to many other great attractions to keep you busy. You could easily spend a day here sunning yourself and strolling on the beach while sipping on a cold beer. That is a great way to spend a lazy day on the beach! And if you have children, they will love the opportunity to swim and explore under the water.

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Beautiful Restaurants & Lovely Bars

Another thing to love about this beach is the breathtaking view of the ocean from the beach hotel. The crystal clear water reflects the beautiful Caribbean landscape and gives you a stunning view of the surrounding islands. The Desire Marina is one of the best Marina beaches in all of the Caribbean. Compared to other beautiful beaches, it is ranked as the most beautiful beach hotel in the Caribbean!

If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy yourself, then the Desire Marina is the place for you. It is filled with beautiful restaurants and lovely bars. It’s also home to a charming marina that offers a variety of water sports equipment. Even a beautiful resort on the beach makes it easy to get around without being bumpy on the sand. There are various activities available at the Desire Marina, from snorkeling to kayaking to swimming and tennis.

Last words:

One of the things that stand out the most about this particular beach is the incredible amount of shade provided. The vast amount of shade that is created makes it possible to enjoy the sunshine without dealing with burning hot sun! That is why this beach was ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the Caribbean. So, if you are looking for a place to lounge in the sun and get a tan, this is the beach for you! All you have to do to find this fabulous beach is take a little bit of time to travel to Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, then head back home to enjoy your beautiful vacation!