Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins For Your Store in 2022

Online purchasing and selling of various products are known as e-commerce. The e-commerce websites are connected directly to commercial entities that sell products and services. The simplicity of payments through business bank accounts and other forms of e-commerce has greatly influenced the development of global trade. Meanwhile, more and more people are embracing e-commerce due to its numerous benefits, such as rapid access to numerous products and services at a minimal cost. Because of that, we would like to present you with Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins for Your Store in 2022.


1. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

The first one on our list is WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping. This plugin will allow clients to enter shipping information on an eCommerce marketplace with the click of a button. It enables consumers to enter their shipping costs from an online business and have them immediately adjusted with a predetermined number, saving customers time.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

It can also calculate taxes and determine shipping rates according to the purchase price. You can set where you send your packages from, and how heavy they are so that a price is automatically generated for your visitors, and you can set different prices for all your registered users. In this way, you will make a difference between them and motivate them to apply to you.

2. WooCommerce Order Export

Because there are so many different data formats to choose from, you need to use this plugin correctly in order for WooCommerce Order Export to work. This plugin allows you to export data to multiple databases and reorder them how you want. This means you can export data into different stores and compare data between stores.

WooCommerce Order Export

How does it work? This plugin relies on eCommerce metadata, such as items, products, shipping, dates, and many more. You also need to upload a form of data, and then it creates a new page that is added to your eCommerce store. That page shows which stores have generated and fetched the data and where the data is placed.

3. Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

Our next recommendation is Direct Checkout for WooCommerce. This plugin allows eCommerce website owners to create an “easier to use checkout experience.” As a result, clients have the option to swiftly decide what they want to buy and proceed straight to the payment without taking any further procedures.

Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

You can improve your business, allow consumers to hit the button to avoid the shopping basket, and take them straight to the payment with the help of this plugin. And where will you put such buttons? You can put them wherever you want!

4. WooCommerce PayPal Payments

Adding PayPal as one of your online business payments is a terrific idea because it is a well-liked and reputable payment option. Because of that, WooCommerce PayPal Payments is a plugin that will allow your eCommerce store to take PayPal payments from your customers.

WooCommerce PayPal Payments

This plugin will take your PayPal payments from customers and display them in the appropriate way in your eCommerce store. This means, your customers will not have to go through the hassle to purchase your products via PayPal. Some eCommerce stores decide to use the WooCommerce Payment Manager instead.

5. eCommerce Product Catalog

eCommerce Product Catalog is a plugin that will help you with designing your eCommerce products online. In other words, it is an eCommerce plugin that will give you a visual way to organize your eCommerce products in the web interface.

eCommerce Product Catalog

After installing the plugin, you can add products from the template or create a new product from scratch. The layout is fully customizable so you have complete freedom to make it exactly how you want it.

6. Discount Rules for WooCommerce

The last suggestion we will give you is Discount Rules for WooCommerce. To be eligible for a discount in eCommerce, your product must follow the specified discount rules. Of course, this implies the right discounts on the products themselves.

Discount Rules for WooCommerce

With the assistance of this plugin, you can easily generate a wide range of offers, deals, or discounts for your website while simultaneously giving them an ideal appearance. For your items, you can design group discounts, pricing policies, smart special offers, brand discounts, layered discounts, and many other options.


Ecommerce is an industry that presents a number of challenges to website owners. If you fail to use appropriate tools, your website will be left out of the whole eCommerce network. Although every plugin is a very good option to have on your website, Table Rate Shipping is one of the must have plugins. The number one reason you should consider using the Table Rate Shipping plugin is it ensures that your eCommerce website is as efficient as possible. Another reason is Table Rate Shipping works completely on every eCommerce website without a single sign-on.