TTD Online Booking | Tirumala Tirupati ticket booking online

As one of India’s wealthiest and most important temples, the Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple sees every day an immense influx of visitors nearly a whopping 1 lakh. The darshan booking for Tirupati Balaji can be a bit of a hassle, but not if it’s done correctly. Here is some insight into the booking process at Tirumala Tirupati Temple for darsham tickets.

Located in the Andhra Pradesh district of Chittoor, Tirupati is known for Venkateshwara Temple, one of the Indian country’s most famous pilgrimage centers. Tirumala is home to Tirumala Hills ‘ seven peaks. One of the busiest pilgrimages for Hindus is the Tirupati Balaji shrine, which hosts a mad rush of pilgrims. Lord Varahaswami is one who had previously made Tirumala his home. Tirumala was named among most of the Hindus pilgrims as a famous pilgrim. The TTD online booking enquiry, TTD online booking info, ttd ticket booking online currently there may be countless people visiting this temple every year, particularly during festival holidays.

How To Book TTD Darsham Tickets Online

To book Tirupati Balaji Darsham tickets online, you must first register on the website with details such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Government Details issued ID Card, and upload a self-image. Once you have registered, you can book tickets for Darsham. These Darsham tickets cost Rs 300 per person, and it is possible to book up to ten people at a time.

Once booked, you must take the same printout and carry the original ID cards with you at the time of Darsham.  There’s a dress code to obey as you go through the Sheegra Darsham Queue. Only traditional clothing is permitted. Men can wear a formal shirt with either kurta pajama or dhoti. Women can only wear dupatta with saris and chudidhar.

TTD Ticket online Darsham booking procedure

  • You need to visit Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) services ‘ official web page TTD online booking https:/ this page looks like a Log-in and Sign-up page.
  • If you already have enter your Email I d and password together with the security code as stated, TTD online booking so that you can log in to the website and then book tickets for the purpose by entering your bank details.
  • The guidelines to get your new password, you can book tickets online using that password.
  • Tap on the “Sign-up” button from the official ttd online booking site, TTD online booking enquiry, if you’re not a registered one.
  • Enter the information on the registration page as requested. You must enter all of your valid details such as First Name, Address, City, Zipcode, Country, State, Mobile, and you must select your proof of photo ID and enter the ID Card number in the next field.
  • You need to upload your photo (remember that the image you want to upload must be in the specified size and format). TTD online reservation, TTD online reservation enquiry You need to enter your valid Email Id twice as requested to verify, TTD online reservation after you set your password by following the password rules and then enter the security code provided below.
  • Finally, click on the checkbox and accept the terms and conditions of the online booking of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) and then press the “Submit” button.